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I Have a Structured Settlement and I Always Meow

Hard not to purr when I get stable payments now

The tax free benefits are helpful too

The wife gets tax-free when I die,  she’s a Happy Sue


Keep hearing these commercials that are on TV

Funny as they are they promote JG

Think I’ll wait til my payments are due to me

An amazing journey, of stabil-ity


Other kitties have a structured settlement, think they need cash now

Remind them of the benefits and they staying put now

Their structure pays for a supply of Tender Vittles

Whatever pussies, for me I prefer Skittles


I prefer red ones, she prefers chocolate

Chocolate you say, rather have an omelette

Structured settlement payments leave you pretty set

But cash now companies wont leave you alone just yet

Their campaign is offensive just like the Tet


I have a structured settlement that pays into my SNT

I still get Medicaid and the trust gets payments  tax-free

I get to keep my home health aides and my stabil-it-y


And cash now pusher math

Is sure to make you gasp

A 6 in the future is worth 3 today

Boy that’s frickin’ daft

Leave you on a financial raft

Just a bunch of slithering asps.


I hear cash now on the way to the refrigerator

Like the Prince of Bel Air said, “Homes, Smell You Later”

It’s about time you stop your belly achin’

Find creative ways to start makin’ bacon.

by Master Funky Chicken 2015