Cash now trolls are the structured settlement payment purchasing industry's bottom feeders who trawl complaint sites for complaints against companies that buy structured settlements to drop click bait or generate leads. Many of the complaints appear to be fake.  The cash now trolls, who appear to have no websites,  place their phone numbers in their comment spam on complaint sites like Rip Off Report, Pissed Consumer, Complaints Board, Scam Book and other places in a sad attempt to try to generate business. Real slime ball stuff.

Frequently encountered cash now trolls in the structured settlement space?

1. Michael Davis who uses the Florida phone numbers 561-512-3829 and 561-209-4822.  Sometimes goes by Mike Davis. Mike Davis has latched on to a single article from Bankrate.com and flooded it with comment spam. Let's spare you the link to the childish exchanges that go on there.

2. Kyle Forster who uses the Los Angeles phone number 213-408-9816 and appears to be affiliated with US Settlement Funding, LLC. The Michael Davis troll in question is not related to the professional structured settlement broker Michael Davis that works for Settlement Partners in Colorado.

Both cash now for structured settlement trolls Michael Davis and Kyle Foster have similar methods of operation and a "spokesperson" named "Jennifer".

Here's an example  "Michael used to work for a few big name companies and now works for him self and helps people that are being taken advantage of. If you really need some help on selling your payments give him a call his cell phone is 561-512-3829. Tell him Jennifer Sent you"

Rip Off Report #1219107, against JG Wentworth, from March 2015, pitching Kyle Foster, is from Jen3522 — Alabama USA

Rip Off Report #1149553, against  Seneca One,  from 2014, pitching Michael Davis is from jfassor — Chicago Illinois, but the name Jennifer appears in the body of the complaint. on June 17, 201 A Pissed Consumer "complaint" was also posted by someone from Chicago trolling for Mike Davis  

Complaints Board 764932 August 12, 2015, pitching Kyle Forster, who claims to work with private investors and willfully defames JG Wentworth by calling them "the biggest crooks in the industry".

Michael Davis is associated with Settlements Express, a Delaware registered LLC, registered March 2016, with a registered agent address in Dover, Delaware. There is no website for Settlements Express. This could be for several reasons. One of the reasons could be that cash now sucks for Settlements Express and they cannot afford it.

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