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Cash Now Sucks Rap, by Master Funky Chicken*

Cash Now Sucks

You Ain’t Got Bucks

Da Bills You Ducks

No pay, You Fucked

So You Call Cash Now

Get Hit By A Plow

Cash Now Sucks


You down in the dumps

Day Take You Fo chumps

You  Got A Cash Advance

From A Fool Named Lance

Who Put You In Trance

Cash Now Sucks…

You Got That Right

Cash Now Sucks


Get 50 cent a dollah

It Makes You Hollah

I ain’t yo mama

Nor Barack Obama

Cash Now Sucks


Betta Shop around

Else you be a hound

Be wearin’ a frown

Cash Now Sucks


See JG on TV

Makes you go “tee-hee”

Same ole Peachtree


I gotta pee

Cash Now Sucks


So You Keep Dat Structcha

So Ya Wallet don’t ruptcha

No mo livin’ with roachas

Or Beer Barrel polkas

Cash Now Sucks